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Success in today's industrial world is dependent upon job know how and top performance of technically sound equipment.  With consumer expectations at an all time high, technical efficiency has become critical in meeting the competitive demands of capability and service.  The acquisition of quality equipment for expansion and growth can make the difference between a business that just survives or a business that flourishes.  With leasing, rapid obsolesence is no longer a threat to the special industries who rely upon their equipment to achieve their daily goals.  The use of technically advanced equipment that is superior in value is more than just a convenience, it is today's necessity.

Leasing, the expansion tool of the 21st century, is one way that you can afford to grow your business.  We consider each customer's individual needs before we outline a lease or purchase plan.  Our expert loan officers will guide you step by step to your satisfaction.  Knowledgeable field staff will support and help you with your choices of conventional financing or leases.  Our representatives are familiar with regional areas and can supply you with important information to make your lease or loan work the hardest for you.

Pinnacle can help you generate business growth and 

establish the sound credit no one can be without!

With Pinnacle, you can easily update your equipment with no cash outlay for immediate expansion and replacement.  No need to wait for lengthy bank approvals to keep equipment current and your business at its technical peak.

Lease with $1.00, 10% or Fair Market Value (FMV) purchase options.

Fast credit approval!  Fixed rate payments!  Fair market prices!

Our strong industry relationships make our financial resources strong, flexible and reliable.  Pinnacle's competitive purchase incentives could make the affordable difference in your loan or lease design.

We offer Total 100% financing for business and occupational equipment.


TRAC leasing for over the road vehicles

Balloon Payments on a lease or loan

Ascending and descending payments

Refinancing for lower interest rates

Installment Loans

Tax leasing with fair Market Value purchase options

Debt consolidation


Pinnacle specializes in all types of commercial equipment acquisitions, 

providing financing and leasing on a National basis!

Our credit application only program offers up to $75,000!  While financing new or used equipment from dealers and private owners, we provide pre-approval for reputable auctions.  Keep your business' cash flowing when you need it most.  Take advantage of our unique seasonal payment schedule!  Know throughout the heavy equipment industry, we strive to constantly improve our dedicated services to you!

For quick response, financial knowledge and excellence in financial lending, 

Nothing Can Top Pinnacle!



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